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As at Monday October 13, 2014

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OFFSHORE: We lost a couple of days earlier in the week to the blustery variable easterlies but there were few complaints from the offshore brigade. We've had such a long run of fishable conditions that many welcomed a few days off the water to rest up, repair a bit of gear and get ready to hit the reefs again.
Light to very moderate (5 to 10 knot) variable easterlies dominated in the lead-up to the weekend and with the swell down around the 0.5m to 0.75m mark (and the bar still behaving itself) there was a mass exodus of small to medium size boats heading out into the bay and to the closer reefs beyond. Laguna Bay started to show a bit more life with lots of bait fish moving throughout the bay. There wasn't much in the way of bird sign of surface activity but those anglers who cared to put in some time trolling lures reaped the rewards. Anthony Brown (above) had only been in the bay for an hour or so on Sunday morning when his trolled, gold hard body lure was nailed by a 17kg cobia in close along the Halls' Reef stretch. His son Tom trolled up a nice yellowfin tuna not long after. The cobia and tuna were also active over on Jew Shoal, as were bonito and yellowtail kingfish. Deep jigged micro jigs got good results there.
Yellowfin Tuna
Sunshine Reef was relatively quiet, producing just the odd squire, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, moses perch, sweetlip, estuary cod and tuna. Justin McNab (above) boated this nice yellowfin tuna out there on Saturday morning. It went for a pilchard floater on ganged hooks. His colourful catch, incidentally, won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize. Further south, Arkright Shoal was good for snapper in close and lots of pearl perch out wide.
Coral Trout Snapper
Further out, Massoud's Reef was the spot for teraglin jewfish, pearl perch, moses perch, squire and sweetlip, as was Chardon's Reef but with the added bonus there of coral trout. Michael Valentine from Bowen (above) boated this coral trout on Friday's Wild Thing charter to Chardon's. North Reef, however, was once again the most favoured destination and on most days it didn't disappoint. There were lots of yakkas schooling out that way and feeding on them were; snapper, squire, mulloway, moses perch, striped sea perch, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, cobia, teraglin jewfish, mowong, sweetlip, estuary cod, oval cod and Maori cod. Jack Rule from Christchurch, New Zealand (above right) is pictured with a snapper from Sunday afternoon's Trekka 2 charter to North.
Bucks Party! Nice dress. And hat. Tres elegant! The groom to be, Ashley Lengenberg from Caloundra (above) was very pleased with his party boy trophy, a quality cobia from the top of North Reef. Ashley and his mates booked a three quarter day offshore with Noosa Blue Water Charters and had a great time.
Mulloway or Jewfish
And on the same charter, Bill Lacherdis from Sydney (above) was more than happy to get his photo taken with the quality mulloway (jewfish) that he boated.
Trekka 2 scheduled a run out wide to The Barwon Banks on Monday, coming back with squire, snapper, venus tusk fish, pearl perch and rosy jobfish. Above we have Richard Lee, Wayne Healy and James Hibbins from Toowoomba and Kevin Tan from Brisbane with a few knobby snapper from that full day charter.
Venus Tusk Fish
Wild Thing targeted Double Island Point on Monday and Saturday. On the bite up that way were; snapper, hussar, teraglin jewfish, lots of good pearl perch, moses perch, amberjack and venus tusk fish. Tim Ross from Springfield, Adam Stuart and Tony Carless from Bli Bli (above) nailed a few quality tuskers.
Maori Cod Pearl Perch Moses Perch and Pearl Perch Pearl Perch and Sweetlip Yellowfin Tuna Gold Spot Cod
As often happens these days, we didn't have room for all of the offshore photos, but if you click on any of the small pix above, you can view the slideshow.

By the way, the latest bar crossing video (as at Sunday October 12, 2014) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it... CLICK HERE.
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