The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Monday 28th October 2002
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OFFSHORE: Those offshore anglers who got time off earlier in the week were able to capitalise on the calm (morning) conditions generated by the predominantly light to moderate West Nor' Westerlies. These benign conditions, however, were but a memory by Saturday afternoon when stronger winds and (later) a blustery South Easterly change drove the swell up above the 3m mark and put an end to any further offshore activity.

While the going was good, though, the offshore brigade certainly made the most of it with Squire, Moses Perch, Parrot SnapperFish and Snapper making up the bulk of the catch at all of the reefs, including Sunshine Reef. Those aforementioned species were also common to the waters of Double Island Point (with the addition of Cobia and Pearl Perch) and North Reef which, as an added bonus, also yielded Scarlet Sea Perch, Red Emperor, Mackerel Tuna, Cobia, Northern Bluefin Tuna and Maori Cod. As already mentioned, Snapper were on the bite at all of the reefs and the 4kg specimen that Jane Williamson (right) boated on Saturday morning, while on a Cougar One trip to North Reef, was a good example of the quality. Jane, from Hawthorn in Victoria, was kitted out with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a Shimano 6500 Baitrunner reel loaded with 8kg line. And congratulations to Cougar One skipper Sam 'Slammer' Ladd and his wife Rachael on the birth of their baby boy at 4.20am today. Young 'Harry Samuel' waited until the South Easter was blowing hard, ensuring that his dad would be in port for his arrival. Following the wee fella's delivery after a 2 hour labour 'Slammer' checked his weight in at 7lb 14oz, recorded his length as 51cm and declared him a definite 'keeper'.
ONSHORE: Surf anglers on the North Shore were again forced to search for 'weed free' water in an effort to catch a feed. Those that persevered earlier in the week landed mostly Whiting and Dart while the weekend brigade found themselves pretty much blown right off the beaches. In the river, the weed caused a headache, particularly in the stretch from Munna Beach to the river mouth and especially where there was a current flow. Less affected were areas like the bottom of the Frying Pan (Whiting and Flathead), the Woods Bays (Whiting, Flathead and Bream) the back of the Sound and Munna Bridge (Mangrove Jack and Whiting) and Weyba Creek (Whiting and Flathead).
Mangrove Jack
Australian Bass Fingerlings
Apart from that, the Tewantin area (apart from producing Whiting and Flathead) had a few Trevally chasing live Prawns at night. Mangrove Jacks have been a little scarce so far this season so it's encouraging to see the odd quality fish starting to come on the bite. Local angler Darren Walters, above left, boated the 2.1kg specimen he's posing with while drifting a whole Pilchard on 3x4/0 ganged hooks around Noosa Sound on Friday night. He was kitted out with a Shimano spin combo loaded with 4kg Platinum line. On the freshwater scene, Borumba Dam had Bass and Saratoga chasing gold spinnerbaits and gold C-Lures 'Borers' while the Lake MacDonald Bass showed a preference for white spinnerbaits. And speaking of Lake MacDonald Bass, six year old Matilda Fry (above right) was snapped yesterday morning as she helped her father and the rest of the crew from the Lake MacDonald Freshwater Fishing Club restock our favourite local fresh water impoundment with roughly 20,000 Bass fingerlings. These little fellas, at an average 50mm in length, are only a couple of months old, but are expected to reach 30cm in length within twelve months. Next month the group hope to introduce 15,000 little Golden Perch or Yellowbelly into the system so it all bodes well for the future of this fantastic fresh water fishing resource. Most of the cost of this program is met from the the 'Stock Impoundment Permit Scheme' so it's certainly great to see a practical return from the license fees that stocked impoundment anglers are now required to pay.




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