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As at Monday September 7, 2009

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OFFSHORE: The offshore scene was a bit patchy this week but on the good days there was some hot action from the much sought after species such as snapper, cobia and pearl perch. Conditions were predominantly fishable with light to moderate variable winds and a rolling 1m to 1.5m swell, ahead of today's stormy, 20 to 25 knot north easterly blow.
Squire, parrot fish and pearl perch were common to most of the visited reefs. In addition, Chardon's 'Wide' was the spot for cobia, as was Double Island Point but with the added bonus there of quality snapper. Ravin Raj (above) had a good time at 'D.I' on a full day Cougar One charter on Saturday, during which he boated the 6kg snapper he's posing with.
Cobia or Black Kingfish Chardon's Reef was a good option for the common species previously mentioned plus the odd Maori cod, while at North Reef the extras were moses perch, teraglin jewfish, cobia and snapper.
Alex Jones (above) was out there on Saturday morning with a few mates when his yakka floater was taken by the 11.5kg cobia or black kingfish he's pictured with. He was armed with a Penn 330GTi combo loaded with 30lb line and 60lb trace.
And Patrick Lim (above) did well at North Reef on Thursday on a 3/4 day Cougar One charter. Patrick had a ball, boating (among others) a 5.5kg snapper and then the 6.5kg 'Knobby' he's holding for the camera. Best baits? Whole pilchards.
Apart from that, the bonus species at Sunshine Reef were cobia (to 9kg), grass sweetlip and spangled emperor to 5kg.

ONSHORE: Whiting were in good numbers and well spread on the North Shore this week with best results coming from around Teewah. Further up, the stretch from 'Freshwater' to Double Island Point produced tailor. On the east side, Sunrise Beach yielded quality whiting and chopper tailor while at Marcus Beach the catch was bream, tarwhine and dart.
In the river, flathead were found to be schooling in numbers in just a few select spots up around Tewantin, in the Munna Point area and down at the river mouth, which was where Dick McClymont (above) caught and released his 70cm+ 'Lizard' on Friday. Dick and a couple of buddies got into the 'flatties' big time using chicken gut as their main draw card.
Whiting were concentrated down the bottom end of the estuary this week with live sand worm baits getting best results around the top of the Frying Pan and, along with the odd tailor (responding to pilchard baits), down at the river mouth.
The trevally were on the move and easily spooked with most of the action coming from the Woods Bays (along with the odd chopper tailor) late in the afternoon. The 'Trevs' also put in sporadic appearances around the back of Noosa Sound and at Munna Point. Jai Cox (above) was fishing from the bank at the caravan park on Wednesday afternoon when his live prawn bait was taken by the 2kg specimen he's pictured with. Apart from that, the warmer weather saw the mangrove jacks become active in the stretch between the lakes (chasing hard bodied lures) and up at Kin Kin Creek on live baits.
On the freshwater scene, the Borumba Dam action was much slower than last month although there was still a bit of bass action on Blades around the second yellow buoy and the Eagles Nest. The upper reaches of the Kingham Arm produced the odd saratoga with Anthrax lures getting most of the attention.

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