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As at Monday September 5, 2011

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Davo's Compleat Angler
River mouth bar crossing today.
OFFSHORE: The weekend warriors got the short end of the stick again with blustery 20 knot+ south easterlies putting a serious damper on most of the offshore action from Friday onwards. A few determined anglers had a go over the weekend but it was hard yakka on the open reefs with a wider range of species reported on the bite during the first half of the week.
When fishable, Double Island Point was the spot for red emperor, moses perch, snapper and pearl perch while at The Hards the catch was mostly snapper and amberjack. Closer in, Chardon's Reef produced cobia and longtail tuna, as did North Reef but with the added bonus there of teraglin jewfish, sweetlip, pearl perch, moses perch and venus tusk fish.
Katherine Olfers from Victoria (above) boated this 6kg+ (est) cobia while fishing 'North' on a Trekka 1 charter on Tuesday.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
And Kate Ellis from Dubbo in New South Wales (above) was at North Reef on Wednesday on a 3/4 day Cougar One charter when her yakka fillet bait attracted the attention of the 12kg northern bluefin she's gamely holding for the camera.
Rick French, above, was promised a day out fishing by his son Tim as a Fathers' Day present and he wasn't going to let a bit of slop and chop get in the way of his trip. The father and son team, who spent Sunday morning at North Reef, didn't see any other boats out there. No surprise, as conditions were a bit ordinary. Regardless, they persevered and although it was quiet the snapper obligingly came on the bite for about 10 minutes, in which time they boated two good Knobbies. Rick's 80cm fish, which took a live yakka bait close to the bottom, would have tipped the scales around the 5.5kg mark.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
Conditions on Friday weren't very exciting beyond the relative shelter of Laguna Bay but Peter Hicks (above) and his mate Bruce Waldron thought they'd give Massoud's Reef a try. It was so quiet, though, that at one point they thought they'd go home fishless, but just before they pulled the pin Peter's rig with a live yakka floater on it took off to NZ . After a solid 25 minute battle they had a 23kg longtail on board. Sunshine Reef was a bit of a fizzer this week with the only reports being of a few sweetlip and undersize red emperor. Apart from that, Hall's Reef was the spot for the odd keeper size snapper.

ONSHORE: There wasn't a lot of activity on the coastal surf beaches this week. On the North Shore the only reports of note were of tailor (mostly choppers) on the bite down towards the river mouth and up as far as Teewah township. There were also unconfirmed reports of the odd greenback taken in the waters opposite the first cutting. Across the bay the National Park headland rocks produced the odd snapper. Further south, tailor were on the bite at north Sunshine Beach.
In the estuary, bream and flathead were in good numbers, especially in the latter half of the week. Best results came from down towards the river mouth, in the Frying Pan, along the Noosaville stretch to Tewantin and up around Lake Cooroibah.
Whiting were biting around the Munna Flats and, as per the photo above, at Munna Point. Jackson Gronow from Echuca, Victoria was fishing there on Thursday when his yabby bait was taken by the 400gm fish he's pictured with. Jackson was very excited to learn he might be on the website report, and on CH7 TV with his catch, but even happier to learn on Friday night that his fish had won him a $25.00 gift voucher in the junior section of the Davo's Fish of the Week competition.
Bream Bream
Noosa River Fishing Safaris got their clients on to a lot of bread and butter species this week and the bream were high on the target list. Six year old Ashton Perara from Melbourne (above left) is pictured with a 30cm bream which was one of a number he caught while fishing the river mouth with NRFS on Tuesday afternoon. He also boated a couple of flathead.
And 10 year old Michael Poulsen from Toowoomba (above right) was fishing around Tewantin on a Noosa River Fishing Safaris charter on Saturday afternoon when his drifted whole frogmouth pilchard bait was taken by this 33cm bream.
Mangrove Jacks
The mangrove jack action was on the improve this week with particularly good results coming from the back of Noosa Sound and the Woods Bays. Mark Hawke and Kane Sullivan (above) fished both those areas and came back with a 'Jack' each, one at 1.2kg, taken on a Savoy Shad and one at 1.8kg which went for a floated frogmouth pilchard.
The bigger trevally were active at night in the Woods Bays, along the ski runs and up at the entrance to Lake Cooroibah.
On Friday, Pete and Bob from Davo's Compleat Angler spent the morning on the river with Craig from Frogleys Offshore trying out the latest Samurai rods and Atomic SP and HB lures.

They were only lightly rigged with 3lb Unitika or Silver Thread mainline most
of the time so lost a few of the more serious fish before they could get them to the net but, hey, that's fishing.

The species they caught and released, using mostly Guzzler 3" Prongs and Guzzler 2" Jerk Minnows, were bream, trevally, tailor and flathead.
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