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As at Friday September 14, 2018.
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COASTAL: Dart were well spread on the eastern beaches this week. Castaways Beach produced some quality fish (along with chopper tailor) as did Marcus Beach... flathead and whiting were an added bonus there. Further up, the northern end of Alexandria Bay yielded quality bream and tarwhine and the Fairy Pools on the National Park headland produced jewfish and trevally. Across Laguna Bay, flathead, bream and whiting were biting around Teewah while big bream and chopper tailor were active up around Double Island Point.

ESTUARY: The deeper channels at the river mouth produced some thumper flathead from dawn till dusk this week while after dark there were a few good mangrove jacks on the prowl from the car park rocks to the Sand Bags. The Frying Pan area was a good option for some thumper whiting (also around dusk) while there were more flathead on the bite from the Woods Point and along the Munna Point stretch to Weyba Creek. From Cameron Wessling, below left... "Hey guys. Got out on Friday on my Noosa Show Day off and the flatties were on, with seven boated. These are the biggest two; 56cm and 67cm with my boy Josh beating me again. All were released."
River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. We had good results out of the river the last week after that rainfall we had. The lower estuary did fish a bit slow but we still nabbed some great fish out of that area. Plenty of bream and flathead between the Dog Beach and the bar. The Frying Pan was also holding some nice flatties and whiting. In the Woods Bays we caught golden trevally, mulloway and flathead. All along Gympie Terrace up to Tewantin marina was also good with flathead, bream, golden and diamond trevally. And the ski runs in Tewantin up to the first lake fished very well for big flathead, mulloway, bream, golden trevally and estuary cod. Ruth from Victoria (pictured below) caught and released this 76cm flathead in the lower estuary on a whole whitebait."
And below, we have John with a 57cm jewfish which he caught and released on a prawn and Russ (both from Victoria) with the 89cm flathead which he caught and released on a whitebait. Both were taken on Noosa River Fishing Safari trips to Lake Cooroibah.
Jewfish or Mulloway Flathead
The lizards were also on the chew in the deep water opposite The Fisheries while trevally were schooling near the Noosa Marina and the first ski run. Lures like the River2Sea Skinny Dog, Dumbell Pop and the Daiwa Double Clutch Minnows worked well, as did baits.
Golden Trevally
From Marc Horton-Stephens... "Finn (pictured above) and I fished above Tewantin on Saturday morning. Finn hooked into a stonker golden trevally and 29 minutes later (spooled with only 6lb mono and some crazy boat skills by Dad) it was finally netted. It went under boats, up and down the river and into the mangroves. Released in perfect condition after much cheering and high fives!!! Caught on our last pilly! Cheers, Marc." Finn's excellent catch and release won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Mangrove Jack and Jewfish
Makepeace Island and surrounds were also good for jacks while soapies and goldens were active near the mouth of Lake Cooroibah. And the stretch between the lakes continued to produce a good range of species. From local angler Geoff Stirzaker, above... "Hey Bill. I went for a troll in the upper estuary on Wednesday morning and the jacks went nuts on the turn of the tide. Hot little bite lasted about 20 minutes. Ended up boating four jacks measuring 46cm, 48cm, 38cm and an undersized pup. Also landed a soapy (juvenile) jewfish and a few undersized flatties. All were released. I was using Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnows and Lucky Craft Pointer hard body lures."

FRESHWATER: Lake Macdonald: Bass Bay and the Bubble Trail have been producing the most fish. Chasebaits 2.25” Curly Bait has been the go to lures for many anglers rigged on a 1/8oz jighead. Trolling along the deep drop offs has been working well for schooled bass using a variety of different depth diving hard bodied lures.
Lake Borumba: Fishing the low lying trees and large drop offs in the Yabba Arm of the dam has been best. Saratoga and bass going for spinnerbaits, surface lures and hard bodied diving lures. Lures: Lucky craft G-Splash 65mm, Strada Zieda, Jackson IGA jig and River2Sea ChaseBaits Bobbin Frog. The Daiwa Double Clutch Minnows have just come back in to stock at Davo's Tackle World and have been a dynamite hard bodied lure for all freshwater species in the smaller sizes.

OFFSHORE: It wasn't the most exciting week for the offshore boys with very patchy results from most of the reefs. Weatherwise it was a tad marginal at times but still fishable for the bigger boats. Quite a few tinnies, though, were out and back within an hour on some days. On a brighter note, the bar crossing remained relatively straight forward with a bit of wind driven slop and chop about as bad as it got.
Venus Tusk Fish
There was the odd day that was good enough for a trip out wide. Report and photo (above) from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished The Barwon Banks on Wednesday in beautiful conditions. The wind was northerly at 10 knots with a strong north westerly current. We caught some good venus tusk fish as well as hussar, moses perch, gold line sea perch, coral bream and gold spot wrasse." There were also a few whales (as below) putting on a display on the day. Best thing is, there was no extra charge to watch the show.
Humpback Whale Gold spot Cod and Maori Cod
But the middle reef belt, and marks closer in, were the more favoured options for many boaties. This report and photo (above right) from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour charter to North Reef on Saturday. Wind was 10 to 15 knots from the north and no current run. We caught pearl perch, cobia, Maori cod, gold spot cod, venus tusk fish and grass sweetlip."
Grass Swseetlip
And this from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World, above... "Hi crew, Such a beautiful day on the water on Thursday. Spun the propeller towards North Reef but it was very quiet all round, Tried  top water, deep water, but the best results came from right in close, with a nice catch of grass sweetlip coming on the bite just before the close of day. Cheers, Chicko." Grass sweetlip were also on the chew in the Hall's Reef stretch in Laguna Bay with a few fast moving longtail and mackerel tuna in the mix to make life interesting.

Below. Although the swell on the bar was quite modest, Thursday's small, powerful sets gave a few boaties a fright...
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