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As at Monday 22nd September 2003
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OFFSHORE: Light to moderate Northerlies with a pronounced Westerly flavour dominated the offshore scene this week and with little or no swell to speak of, conditions on many days were pretty much as good as they get. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, in fact, were good enough to earn the TGO classification if you disregarded the chop from the occasionally fresh afternoon North Easterly sea breezes. All in all it was a great start to the September school holidays with Squire, Parrot Fish, Pearl and Moses Perch common to the visited reefs.
Red Emperor
Coral Trout
For the bigger boats, Double Island Point was a good option, yielding Snapper, Sweetlip, Frying Pan Snapper, Spangled Emperor and as you can see by the photo above left, Red Emperor. Cougar Too made the run up there twice this week and while the 'Reds' were in exceptional numbers, none came anywhere near the size and weight of the 18kg thumper that deckie Chris 'Fella' Arnold boated on Friday. Fella, armed with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a Shimano TLD20 reel loaded with 30lb Pioneer Flexline, nailed this excellent 'Government Bream' during a break in his usual baiting and de-hooking duties. Out-wide on the Barwon Banks the bonus species were Amberjack and Snapper while a little closer in; Chardon's Reef was the spot for Samson Fish, Yellowtail Kingfish, Snapper, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Amberjack, Cobia, Dolphin Fish and Gold Spot Wrasse. North Reef fired up, producing Cobia, Maori Cod, Tailor, Red Emperor, Northern Bluefin Tuna and Painted Sweetlip while at Sunshine Reef the extras were Yellowtail Kingfish, Tailor, Amberjack and, as per the photo above right, Coral Trout. Melbourne visitor David Flintoff boated this 4.5kg specimen while out there on a half day Cougar One charter on Thursday morning. He was kitted out with a Gary Howard rod and an Alvey 725C reel loaded with 35lb Pioneer Flexline. Apart from that, there were a few quality Cobia chasing the bait schools in outer Laguna Bay.

ONSHORE: Great weather and, of course, the holiday break saw the coastal surf beaches alive with sun worshippers and anglers and all appeared to be having a fabulous time. On the North Shore there was a bit of late afternoon Chopper Tailor action up towards Double Island Point while around the National Park headland Bream and Tailor were on the bite. Whiting and TrevallyFurther South; Chopper Tailor were the standouts at Castaways & Peregian beaches and Bream and Whiting were the bread and butter catch at Marcus Beach. In the river, the quality of the Whiting was on the improve with 500gm+ fish in good numbers. Best spots for these great table fish (together with Flathead) were down towards the river mouth and in the Frying Pan, in the Woods Bays (along with Tailor), Munna Point (where a few quality Trevally came on the bite later in the week) and in Weyba Creek. And it was good old Munna Point that produced the goods for Brisbane angler Bill Cardell, above left. Bill boated this elbow slapping 600gm Whiting (plus a few others, and a Flathead) on Thursday morning using live Yabby on a No.2 longshank for bait. He was armed with a Shimano threadline combo loaded with 6lb line. Apart from that there were Whiting in good numbers in the Gympie Terrace stretch, quality Bream up around Goat Island and, as you can see by the photo above right, good size Trevally in the general vicinity of Harbourtown at Tewantin. Tricia Hurse tempted this 2.2kg specimen with a Frogmouth Pilchard on Saturday morning. Her outfit was a Jarvis Walker threadline combo loaded with 5kg line and 10 kg trace. On the freshwater scene, Lake MacDonald continued to be hard work with the Bass responding at best to C-Lures Borer extra deep divers and spinnerbaits. At Borumba Dam the Kingham Arm saw most of the action with Bass going mostly for gold beetle spins and spinner baits.
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