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As at Monday September 26, 2011

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OFFSHORE: Going by the weather forecast charts it was shaping up to be pretty ordinary week on the offshore scene. The reality, though, was that most days were quite fishable, although at times a tad uncomfortable. The morning sessions were certainly best (when the winds were on the light to moderate side) ahead of the more often blustery northerly sea breezes which peaked at times around the 20 knot mark. The swell, on most days, was a manageable 1.2m to 1.5m.
The outer reefs were again on the cards although, for a change, Double Island Point was very disappointing with just the Snapperodd greasy cod (and not much else) reported on the bite up there.
A much better option, especially for those with the larger boats, was the Barwon Banks which produced snapper, pearl perch, hussar, moses perch, venus tusk fish, gold spot wrasse, teraglin jewfish and, as per the photo above, cobia.
Cameron Gibbs was out there with a bunch of mates on a Trekka 1 bucks party when he hooked up with the 7kg cobia he's pictured with. And Pete Dundas and the 'buck' himself, Brett Gauld (above right) were more than happy with the 6.5kg and 5kg snapper they boated on the day.
Peter Henry from Melbourne, above, was fishing 'The Banks' on Friday on a Cougar One charter when he boated this 5kg 'Knobby'. As you can see by the photo, it was pretty good out there with 5 to 10 knot east nor' easterlies most of the day.
Chardon's Reef was the spot for quality snapper and the odd northern bluefin tuna, as was North Reef but with the added bonus there of venus tusk fish, sweetlip, pearl perch, moses perch, wahoo, teraglin jewfish and (at the bottom end) cobia. Grant Carr and Dave Rosenhain (above) boated these 6kg and 7kg snapper at North Reef while on a Trekka 2 charter.
There was plenty of bait schooling out along the middle reef belt which would account for the increase in reef fish activity. Will and Louis Tidswell, above, fished North Reef on Saturday and came back with these standout 7.2kg and 7.5kg 'Knobbies'. Apart from that, Massoud's Reef yielded greasy cod, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, morwong and teraglin jewfish while sweetlip, venus tusk fish and bonito were reported on the bite at the northern end of Sunshine Reef.

Lower Estuary
ONSHORE: With the northerlies dominating there weren't all that many surf anglers on the coastal surf beaches this week. Most of the feedback (or what there was of it) was from the North Shore with tailor, dart, whiting and bream on the bite about 3km to 4km north of Teewah and whiting, bream and tarwhine working the surf gutters at 'Monkeys', about another 5kms up from there. Apart from that, the top end produced the odd bream while a few quality whiting were biting just south of Teewah. The only other reports of note were of jewfish at night down along the Coolum/Yaroomba stretch.
In the estuary, bream were in good numbers and size and were well spread throughout the entire system. A lot of the better quality fish, however, were taken down at the river mouth as seven year old Tiana Kopasic from the Gold coast Flathead(above) discovered earlier in the week.
Tiana was fishing there on a Noosa River Fishing Safaris charter when her live herring bait was taken by this 40cm+ specimen.
After a quick film and photo shoot at Munna Beach she released it back into the river.
Flathead were also well spread although the hot spots were the around the first ski run (along with jewfish and trevally), along the Gympie Terrace stretch and down at the river mouth.
David Fox and his son Thomas from Brisbane (right) caught these two 62cm flathead at the river mouth on Saturday, also while on a NRFS charter.
Ricky Brown (below) caught this 700gm bream and 600gm trevally near the Noosa Marina on Tuesday afternoon He was using mullet fillets as his draw card. Trevally were also active along the second ski run, near the Yacht Club, in the Frying Pan and, together with tailor and mangrove jacks, in the Woods Bays. Whiting were in good numbers near the yabby banks opposite the Yacht Club, around the Munna Flats, the river mouth side of the Woods Point and in the Frying Pan.
Bream and Trevally
Mangrove jacks were active in Weyba Creek, at the bottom of the first ski run, between the lakes and in Kin Kin Creek.
On the freshwater scene, saratoga and bass were responding to small 'Chubby' divers at Toga Bend in Lake MacDonald.





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