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As at Monday September 22, 2014.
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OFFSHORE: Light to moderate variable winds dominated the offshore scene most of the week and with the outside swell in the 0.5m to 0.75m range it was another top week for the blue water brigade. The current was running hard at times in close but from the middle reef belt out it was a modest southerly run.
The bar crossing was pretty straight forward so quite a few smaller boats joined their big brothers for a run outside. The green light was also on for the outer reefs so Wild Thing scheduled a run to Double Island Point on Saturday morning, ahead of the forecast late afternoon blow which shut the gate for the next few days. They fished wide, as the current was running hard in close, and came back with a good bin load of snapper, pearl perch, gold spot wrasse, hussar, teraglin jewfish, Maori cod and gold band snapper. John Williams from Toowoomba (above) is pictured with a couple of snapper from that full day charter.
Gold Band Snapper Maori Cod
Also from that charter we have Alistair Easton from Brisbane (above left) with a gold band snapper and Rob Sanders, Mudjimba (above) with a Maori cod.
Snapper Snapper and Gold Band Snapper
Bucks Party! A group of lads from Caloundra helped celebrate their mate's upcoming wedding with a trip to Chardon's Wide on Cougar One on Friday. During the full day charter they boated gold band snapper, venus tusk fish, moses perch, Maori cod, morwong and quality snapper. Rob Harris (above left) is pictured with a couple of quality snapper from that trip. There were plenty of other fish we could have photographed but the rest of the lads were otherwise occupied. We at least got a photo of the groom, Russ McDonald (above right) with a snapper and gold band snapper. To view his party outfit.. CLICK HERE
Tony, Chris and Juna from the Noosa Boat Fishing Club fished The Hards on Friday for tomato cod, hussar, snapper, tuskers, Maori cod and moses perch.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
Trekka 2 targeted The Coffees on Saturday morning and got their clients onto squire, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, goat fish, mowong and, as per the photo above, a standout mahi mahi. Brendan O'Brien from Loganville was delighted when this fish took his pilchard floater on the last drop of the day.
Gold Band Snapper Venus Tusk Fish
North Reef continued to reward the faithful with good catches of squire, sweetlip, snapper, teraglin jewfish, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, gold band snapper and lots of cobia. Ipswich angler Faleleua Pope's gold band (above left) was boated there on Friday's Trekka 2 charter, as was Patrick Fernadez's tusker.
And Pete Doff and his mate Dave Nettleton (above) fished wide on North Reef on Thursday afternoon. It was quiet until the last hour of the run-in, then they found every drop taken by a cobia. They kept four standouts, which were in the 12kg to 15kg (est) range, then called it a day and got back to the boat ramp just in time for a quick pic before the sun went down. Further south, Chardon's Reef was good for squire, teraglin jewfish, mowong, sweetlip, pearl perch, gold spot cod and oval cod (see some of the pix below) while at Massoud's Reef the standouts were pearl and moses perch, squire, snapper and venus tusk fish. Closer to home, the current was running hard on Sunshine Reef so a lot of lead was required. Those anglers who persevered reported average catches of snapper, moses perch, tuskers and scarlet sea perch. In Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal was the spot for squire and better than average size Australian bonito.
Pearl Perch Gold Spot Cod Cobia Snapper Northern Bluefin Tuna
As sometimes happens, we didn't have room for all of the offshore photos but if you click on any of the small pix directly above, you can view the slideshow.
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