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As at Friday September 22, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: It was a pretty good week for the offshore brigade with light to moderate variable winds dominating. As normal for this time of the year, the morning sessions were best ahead of the more blustery afternoon north easterly sea breezes. Not much swell either with 1.2 metres being the worst of it.
Snapper Pearl Perch
The bar crossing was more often than not 'flat as' this week and we took the opportunity last Friday morning to film it from our drone. You can see that video footage, and the aerial photos, on the Noosa Bar Report page. Fish wise, for those prepared to go the distance, Double Island Point was the standout destination. Report and photos above from Trekka 2 skipper Brooke Wignall... "The Trekka crew got stuck into some maintenance this week and slipped the boat for some new antifoul, new set of props and some cleaning of the top sides. She's now cruising on 25 knots making the trip out to the fishing grounds that little bit quicker. Back on the water, we fished D.I on Saturday. Conditions were idyllic with a light westerly early and an afternoon sea breeze from the north east. We caught snapper, pearl perch, gold spot cod, venus tusk fish, moses perch, frying pan snapper and red emperor. Johnny Beck from Peregian Beach (above left) boated the standout knobby and Richard Swanborogh from Brisbane nailed a quality pearl perch.
And from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished D.I. on Tuesday. Wind was 10 to 15 knots north west to north east. Current to the south. We caught moses perch, tusk fish, Maori cod, areolate cod, gold spot cod and quality snapper." Pictured above is Cody Watson from Gympie with the standout snapper. Below left; Ethan Slight with a nice 'knobby' and, from Wednesday's trip, Matt Dawson from the Gold Coast with his Maori cod.
Snapper Maori Cod
Closer in, North Reef was feast or famine. This report from Trekka 2 skipper Brooke Wignall... "Hi Bill. We fished North Reef on Tuesday on a five hour charter. Conditions were westerly winds to 10 knots and no current. We caught red emperor, pearl perch, gold spot cod, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, moses perch, grass sweetlip and cobia. Pictured (below left) is Gary McCormick with a red emperor." Snapper were also reported on the bite in that area.
Red Emperor Coral Trout
And Wild Thing 2 fished even more locally at the start of the week... "Fished Sunshine on Friday. Wind was 15 knots from the southwest to south. No current. We got tusk fish, moses perch, pearl perch, monocle bream, tailor and coral trout. Above right is Clive Cooper from Glen Waverly with his trout."
Snapper Cobia
In Laguna Bay, the North Shore stretch produced the goods with snapper and cobia leading the charge. From Wade Laidlaw, above left... "Got my PB snapper last Sunday at Stingers. Went 69cm. It fought for about 10/15mins. Had so much fight in it and was stoked when it was landed! Got it about 6:30am on a 9" Z-Man Wrigley Tail." And from Victor Scrooby... "Hey guys. Thought you might enjoy this picture. My 10 year old daughter Annie (above right) hooked this 120cm cobia on a pilchard just off Hall's on Tuesday morning. Needed some help getting it in but did a great job. Regards, Victor."
CobiaTyron de Boer (above) nipped out to Hall's Reef early on Thursday morning and, just on dawn, floated out a whole Davo's squid bait, hoping to attract something decent. And he sure did that! This 1.45m, 20kg cobia found his bait impossible to resist and tried unsuccessfully to run off with it. A couple of snapper came over the side not long after and then Tyron was ready to pull the pick and head for home, although not before stopping in at Davo's for a quick pic. That was good thinking because the photo of his fish won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

COASTAL: There wasn't much feedback from the eastern beaches this week. Best reports were from Coolum Beach which produced the odd tailor on the last of the run-in tide and Peregian Beach where dart and quality whiting were biting well on the last of the run-out. Further north, longtail tuna (to 20kg) were in close off Hell's Gates and responding well to cast metal slugs and soft plastics. Around the corner from there, pilchards rigged on small ganged hooks, lightly weighted and wrapped with bait wrap were working well for small snapper and sweetlip at Dolphin Point, while on Main Beach, the middle rock groyne was good for the odd quality whiting. Live beach worms worked best there. On the Noosa North Shore, the stretch from the First Cutting to the river mouth yielded a few whiting, as did the waters north of Teewah township, but with the added bonus there of chopper tailor and school jewfish.
Tailor, Jewfish and Whiting.
Jason Finlay from Toowoomba (above) spent a few nights fishing the upper half of the Noosa North Shore earlier in the week and despite the presence of the dreaded 'weed' (yes, it's that time of year again) and the blustery afternoon northerlies, stuck with it to come back with a good catch of tailor and whiting and topped that off with an 81cm jewfish. The whiting were taken on live beach worms during the day. The others on pilchard baits after dark.

ESTUARY: The bread and butter species were still pretty active towards the river mouth with bream, flathead, whiting and the odd chopper tailor leading the pack. From Chris Arnold, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hi Bill. Photo (below left) from Sunday afternoon of Graham Street from New South Wales with a 68cm flathead which he caught and released around the river mouth. He was using a whole whitebait as his draw card. And below right, from Wednesday morning's charter, Noah Jensz caught and released this thumper 90cm flathead. Also near the river mouth. It went for a whole prawn bait."
Flathead Flathead
And the whiting? They were also in good numbers and of good quality in the Frying Pan, the Dog Beach, around the sand flats opposite the Woods Point and the Munna Flats stretch. They were responding well to live beach worms, prawns and yabbies plus small surface lures like the 70mm Strada Virals.
Whiting Whiting
Liam Sutton, above left, boated his quality whiting in that area on Thursday. And we received this report and photo from Dion Valentine: "Hi Guys. Here's a photo of a 37cm whiting that my wife Tanya (above right) caught in the lower estuary last weekend. It went for a whole prawn bait. Cheers, Dion."
Flathead and Trevally Flathead
Bream, flathead, whiting and trevally were reported active in the Woods Bays and in Weyba Creek. Leah Dunn and Dave Lovegrove (above left) had a great time drift fishing Weyba Creek on Saturday afternoon. Using live biddies and fresh mullet baits they picked up two flathead (60cm and 65cm) and a nice GT before calling it a day. And this report from Thomas Boroughs, above right... "This beautiful flathead went 90cm and was caught on 8lb line and 10lb leader. I was fishing for whiting in Lake Weyba using live nippers for bait. At first I thought it was a stingray till I got it closer to the kayak and could not believe it. The fish could only fit half way into the net. After a quick photo it was safely released. There where also plenty of nice whiting around."
There were also a few mangrove jacks on the prowl in upper Weyba Creek and further down, unconfirmed reports of jewfish on the bite between dusk and dawn. Upriver at Tewantin, flathead to 50cm were in numbers in and around the mouth of Lake Doonella while the bigger lizards, together with bream, trevally and whiting, were reported in the stretch from opposite the Council Chambers to the first ski run. From Chris Arnold, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hi Bill. Pic from Tuesday morning's charter. Marian Pearman (above) caught and released this 78cm flathead around Tewantin using a whole prawn bait." Apart from that, bream, grunter bream, flathead and lots of whiting were biting in Lake Cooroibah.

FRESHWATER: The Noosa Everglades have been showing up good numbers of smaller bass on surface lures including the Strada Zedia and Viral 80mm lures. Soft plastics cast into heavy cover were also working well. 3” paddle tail plastics including the Entice Paddler in Motor Oil has caught several good quality fish. Soft Vibes have been working well in Kin Kin Creek on mangrove jacks as well as weedless rigged plastics fished with the new Owner Flashy Swimmer rigs. These are also working well at Lake Borumba on larger saratoga when cast up close to the trees and slow rolled out into deeper water.

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