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As at Friday September 28, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: It was a bit of a patchy week for the offshore brigade. Feast or famine was the operative term with the better results coming from trips that incorporated a couple of tide changes. The more distant reefs produced best, but were still hard yakka at times, while those boaties with quality marks found the middle reef belt (and North Reef in particular) the best bet for pearl perch and snapper.
Gold Spot Cod Gold Band Snapper and Snapper
Double Island Point was worth a look on the weekend. Report and photo from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "We did a nine hour to D. I. on Sunday. The current was light and running to the south with variable winds all day. We caught pearl perch, moses perch, tusk fish, sweetlip, hussar, snapper and (above left) gold spot cod." And (above right) from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "We fished D. I. on Sunday. Great conditions. We caught pearl perch, scarlet sea perch, snapper, gold band snapper and grass sweetlip."
Out wide, The Barwon Banks produced pearl perch, tusk fish, moses perch, cobia and gold band snapper. CLICK HERE for those pix.
Pearl Perch
Closer in, this report and photos from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished North Reef on Sunday. Conditions were great with a 5 to 10 knot southerly swinging to easterly during the day and a southerly current. We got a great feed of moses perch, coral bream, grassy sweetlip, gold spot wrasse, goat fish and some quality pearl perch." Above is Harry from Victoria with a thumper pearl perch and below, Brady Lasscock from Lake Macdonald with a nice pearly and Michael Hales from Springfield with a gold spot wrasse.
Pearl Perch Gold Spot Wrasse
And the WT2 crew fished there again on Monday... "Hey mate. Conditions were ok with wind about 10 knots south to south east and no current. We caught a good bag of moses perch, coral bream, teraglin jewfish, tusk fish, grass sweetlip and (as below) quality snapper."
Sunshine Reef was good for venus tusk fish, squire, pearl perch, Maori cod and the odd longtail tuna. Live baits were the key to getting the bigger fish with slimies and yakkas rigged on Chicko’s Livey Rigs working best. Otherwise; pillies and squid baits on paternoster rigs with Instinct 6/0 Octopus hooks and a 4oz snapper sinkers. Floating whole garfish and casting metal slugs worked for the tuna. In Laguna Bay, Hall's Reef produced grass sweetlip, snapper and Maori Cod. Ganged strip baits like strips of slimy mackerel and bonito or curly tail soft plastics hard against the bottom were a good option in that area. There were also a few tuna throughout the bay.

Below left. There was very little swell on the bar on the weekend. Not much of a challenge towards the end of the week either.
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ESTUARY: Quality whiting and flathead were in good numbers in the lower estuary this week with the river mouth, the Dog Beach and the Frying Pan areas producing good fish. From Brett Hitchins, below left... "Fished the run out tide around the river mouth on Saturday. Used lightly weighted pillies drifting with the tide. Picked up a few nice flathead for our efforts with the best at 54cm." And from Glenn Connors... "Hi. Picture of Smith Connors (below right) with a 34cm whiting. Caught on a prawn in the Frying Pan on Sunday afternoon."
Flathead Whiting
The lower estuary was also good for mud crabs (after the rain), big eye trevally at night and golden trevally during the day. The Current Line, the outer Woods Bay and Munna Point produced most of the goldens with Squidgy Slick Rigs and live fish baits working well. From Tim Milat... "Hey Bill. I took Mandy Bissell fishing on the river on Sunday afternoon. We had a good few hours fishing. Even with all the boats on the water we did pretty good on the trevally and bream. Mandy's golden, which went for a live biddy, was the standout. All fish were released." Mandy's quality catch and release earned her this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Golden Trevally
River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. This week we fished the Frying Pan for whiting and bream and picked up a few flathead and more bream at the river mouth. Moses perch and little spangled emperors are showing their heads with the water temp rising. We also picked up some flathead at the Woods Bays and a few smaller golden trevally and little soapies after our Monday night rainfall. Tewantin up to Lake Cooroibah and Johns Landing also fished productively. We caught flathead, bream, whiting, a few little cod, some more small mangrove jacks, plenty of javelin fish plus mulloway averaging about half a metre. Pictured below is Johnathan from Brisbane with his 47cm blubberlip bream which he caught and released up at Tewantin. It went for a peeled prawn."
Blubberlip Bream
There were also reports of more flathead around the back of Goat Island and good mangrove jacks in the stretch between the lakes.

FRESHWATER: Lake Mcdonald: Bass Bay and the Bubble Trail have been producing well. Chasebaits 2.25” Curly Baits rigged on a 1/8oz jig head have been the 'go to' lure for many anglers. Hot Bite Gang Banger G2 lures also worked in these areas early morning and late afternoon. Trolling along the deep drop offs worked for schooled bass using a variety of different deep diving hard bodied lures.
Lake Borumba: Fishing the left arm of the dam has been the best with low lying trees and large drop offs being the best. Saratoga and bass being caught on spinnerbaits, surface lures and hard bodied diving lures. Lures: Lucky craft G-Splash 65mm, Strada Zieda, Jackson IGA jig and River2Sea Chasebaits Bobbin Frog. Smaller Bassman spinnerbaits cast into weed edges rigged with small curly tail plastics worked back slowly working very well. Small plastics in the 2.5-3” size working well in both areas, Chasebaits 3” Curly Tail. The Daiwa Double Clutch Minnows have just come back in and have been a dynamite hard bodied lure for all freshwater species.

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